If we want to carry out operations with cryptocurrencies it is important that we get an adequate wallet, since with this we will have the opportunity to store all our funds. Although there are many digital currencies, we are going to focus on Bitcoin and, in order to work with this cryptocurrency one of the best things that we can do is use Bitcoin Core.


It is a good wallet that practically offers us all the tools that we need to operate with Bitcoins, for this reason, it is considered one of the best wallets if we are determined to make movements with this cryptocurrency.

So that you know all the services that it offers us and the advantages with which we can count, today we present this wallet and for it we have elaborated this Bitcoin Core complete review. In the case that you are interested in obtaining benefits with Bitcoins, without a doubt, this wallet is the one you were looking for.

What is Bitcoin Core?

So that you know perfectly all the services and tools offered by Bitcoin Core, the first thing we are going to do is put yourself in a position, so you will know what type of cryptocurrency wallet we have in front of us.


In this sense, we must know that Bitcoin Core is one of the most famous wallets if we want to operate Bitcoins, among other things, because it is the wallet of the pioneer cryptocurrency system and for this reason, the vast majority of the tools that we have available in the support are based on the blockchain system that Bitcoin has made famous.

Working only with Bitcoin

BITCOIN-LOGO-ORANGE-AND-WHITETaking into account that it is the wallet of the system itself, as is logical, initially only allowed to work with Bitcoin, which as we know, is the first cryptocurrency we could use in this market, although at present, this support wants to include the possibility of working with other digital currencies, although these have less value, despite being very popular.

That said, it must be said that the cryptocurrency that Satoshi Nakamoto created in that year is the one that is most used to carry out operations in this market, and therefore, this wallet also, in fact, was invented by the team of Nakamoto.

For this reason, today, Bitcoin Core is a wallet that is given plenty of use and best of all is that we can use it in a large number of countries around the world since, Bitcoin is part of a decentralized market but also international, with which this wallet is perfect to operate in a successful way.

When has it born?

the-bictoin-core-riseAlthough Bitcoin Core was born almost at the same time as the cryptocurrency and they were growing together, we have to say that the wallet has undergone certain updates throughout all these years.

In fact, between 2011 and 2013, new versions of the wallet were launched and the last version we know of dates from July 2017 and this is the version we have available today, known as Bitcoin Core 0.14.2.

Among many other things that we can say about Bitcoin Core, it should be noted that, in addition to the updates that we have already mentioned, it also has some exclusive features, which have been improving over the years, since the objective of this wallet is to offer users the best possible services and tools.

In this case, we must mention that in September 2017 the system was given a higher download speed and, in addition, we can not forget to comment that, nowadays, Bitcoin Core is one of the few wallet that is multilingual, because its used it in a large part of the world.

Desktop wallet

Due to its great experience in the market and everything it offers us, Bitcoin Core is very well valued by users, since it is one of the most powerful desktop wallets. In addition, to be able to work with it, the download is very simple and the system itself will guide us in all the steps we must carry out.

Another thing we have to tell you about it is that, although the cryptocurrency storage is the main function that we can perform through this wallet, we have already told you that it is a very complete wallet, for this reason it also allows us to be able to send and receive Bitcoins.

Therefore, it is more than evident that the options that we have available with this wallet are multiple.

Free software

free-bitcoin-core-software-for-everyoneBefore moving on to the next section, we also want to mention that the software offered by Bitcoin Core is completely free and we can easily find it on the official support page. In addition, the fees that we have to pay to operate with this purse are very low, being one of the wallets of the market that presents lower commissions.

You have to know that working with Bitcoin Core is very advantageous, but we must also say that it is very simple, since the operation of the support is quite easy for users to understand. Precisely on this topic we are going to talk to you next, because it is fundamental that we know what the operation of a wallet is before we choose it as our service of trust.

How does Bitcoin Core work?

To know perfectly how Bitcoin Core works, let’s first review the system that Bitcoin presents us with. In this matter, we have to comment that this famous cryptocurrency is within a blockchain system, or what is the same, of the famous blockchain system.


If we do a bit of memory, this system works properly at the time that transactions are carried out, they are verified by the miners and later, they are grouped, and the corresponding blocks are created.

Download process

download-process-bitcoin-core-softwareThe operation of Bitcoin Core will go according to the blockchain system, since the cryptocurrency with which works is Bitcoin.

Taking into account all this, we must be clear that, for Bitcoin Core to work properly, the first thing we have to do is download the application.

To do this, we will go to the wallet’s website and from there, we can carry out this process quickly, easily and safely. In this case, once we start the download, in just a few minutes we can have the application installed on our desktop and enjoy all the tools provided by the wallet.

In any case, although this process is quite simple, we always have to remember that in order to work with Bitcoin Core it is very important that we have an adequate computer, since we must have a specific operating system installed. About this, Bitcoin Core wallet works with Mac, Linux and Windows versions 7, 8x and 10.

How does software work?

Bitcoin Core system makes it very easy for us to work with it, although its internal part has a quite complex configuration, but the truth is that all this is because the wallet has good security measures, for that whenever we carry out operations, we have all the guarantees that the information we include in the system will not be used for other fraudulent purposes, nor will we be victims of theft or hacking.

On the other hand, it is important that we know that the Bitcoin Core wallet is part of the Bitcoin network. What we mean by this is that, said software, runs the entire Bitcoin network, hence we have adequate and very complete tools, so that all the operations that we carry out through this wallet are a real success.

Compatibility tools: In addition to everything we have just told you, once we have installed our wallet on the desktop, it will be very easy to work with, since when we get our wallet address, we can add cryptocurrencies to the digital wallet easily, since Bitcoin Core is compatible with a large number of exchanges and other similar media, which allow us to acquire Bitcoins in the best possible way.

With which, it is one more reason to realize that this wallet allows us to perform all kinds of operations, and makes it very easy for us to use our portfolio obtaining the best results.

How can we add cryptocurrencies?


In order to add the cryptocurrencies to this wallet, once we have downloaded the application, if it is the first time we do it, we will also have to download the entire block chain, so that we can check the history of all the transactions that are have carried out with Bitcoin.

In order to install all these elements, it is necessary that our computer has at least 145GB of space and a download capacity of 500MB per day. Similarly, the daily upload speed should be at least 5GB and also, the PC will have to have 1GB of RAM.

Then, we will create our password to be able to store it outside the network, which is one of the most important features offered by Bitcoin Core, since it allows us to keep our funds cold, so we will know that we will not be exposed to all risks that we can find on the Internet.

Now that we know how the operation of Bitcoin Core works, one of the things that we must always fix if we want to work with a wallet of this type, is in the security measures that it offers us.

We can not forget that security is very important when operating with cryptocurrencies, for this reason we should get a wallet that meets all the requirements, to know that, when we are going to make a move, we have the best guarantees.

Taking into account all that we have already seen Bitcoin Core, we have no doubt that it is a secure support, but to make us even clearer, we will see below all the security measures offered by this great c cryptocurrency wallet.

Is Bitcoin Core a safe wallet?

How could it be otherwise, taking into account that this wallet works mainly with Bitcoin, it is logical that it offers us good security measures, in fact, at present, Bitcoin Core is considered one of the safest wallets in the world.


Blockchain system: This is because it works with the Bitcoin blockchain system, with which, we know that all the transactions that we carry out with this wallet, will be fully verified and will have a specific code. For this we know that the security level of all the process will be quite high.

High Privacy: But in addition, we also have to say that Bitcoin Core has a very important level of privacy, since it works with specific programs so that all the information that we enter in the system is not used for fraudulent purposes. This is something that we can also see in Bitcoin’s own system, since the blockchain has this privacy.

Transparency and control: On the other hand, we must once again emphasize that the Bitcoin Core system, the first time we download it, forces us to also download the blockchain. This is because, thus, we will have available the history of all the transactions that have been carried out with Bitcoins.

We will always know where a movement comes from or where it is going, since, as we know, the blockchain system what it does is register all the transactions that have been carried out through the support, thus we will have the maximum control in this regard and also we will know that we will not be victims of fraud .

Tracking all the data: Although the security measures we have just discussed are more than important, we still need to highlight more things about Bitcoin Core in relation to this topic.

In this case, we must also remember that every time we make a transaction with this wallet and want to send Bitcoins, all the information included in this operation is stored in a large network known as point per point.

This network has become very popular since, as it is programmed, it makes it much more difficult to trace all the data of the transfers.

Anonymity: Finally, another of the security measures that we must take into account in Bitcoin Core, is that it is one of the wallets that most respect the anonymity of the users and of all the transactions that are carried out.

This is because it is fully compatible with the service provided by TOR, which focuses on offering greater anonymity to the systems. And in addition, we also have to add that Bitcoin Core is a wallet that hides IP addresses.

As you could have noticed, working with Bitcoin Core is very beneficial but, although we have already told you many advantages, we want you to know many more, since this wallet is one of the best in the world.

If you are liking everything you are aware of Bitcoin Core, we will continue with our article and in the next section, you will be able to find out about the many other advantages that we have if we decide to work with this wallet.

Bitcoin Core Benefits

Throughout this review we have been realizing that Bitcoin Core is a very complete wallet and with which we will be able to carry out operations in a very appropriate way.

For many users and experts in the cryptocurrency market Bitcoin Core is the wallet that offers us a greater number of benefits, since it is the main Bitcoin wallet and the one that has the most advanced tools so that we can operate with this cryptocurrency.


1. 100% secure Software: Among many other things that we can highlight about Bitcoin Core, we have to repeat the high level of privacy that we have in all the transactions that we are going to carry out.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the biggest advantages, since it is very important that we are clear that, every time we make a move through this purse, we have the guarantee that nothing that we include will be used fraudulently .

2. Works with TOR system: We must also remember that it is important that Bitcoin Core works with the TOR system, since it is fundamental that we can always enjoy anonymity in all our transactions.

3. Excellent features: It is a measure of security that must be taken into account, since, at present, few wallets offer us this type of services, for this reason, Bitcoin Core is widely used by a large number of users, since it has some excellent features in this regard.

4. Absolute control: Another very important aspect that should be highlighted of the advantages that Bitcoin Core offers us, is that, unlike other wallets that totally control users’ funds, in this case, the system gives us that responsibility, with which, we know we are certain that we will have absolute control over our wallet and that, in addition, all the transactions that we carry out will be under our control.

The support only offers us storage services and send or receive Bitcoins, but what we do with our funds will run from our account, although we must say that we will have the right tools and security, so that we always operate with the best guarantee.

5. Identification of all movements: Finally, we can not forget to comment that, if we want to operate with Bitcoin Core, all the operations that we carry out will have to be validated.

For this, we have specific passwords and passwords, although the system will also be part of all this, so that all the movements that we make with our wallet, are totally legal and safe and we do not have any problem in this regard.

Knowing all these things, there is no doubt that Bitcoin Core is a wallet that has some good advantages, so it is highly recommended that we use it to carry out our operations.

Before finalizing our review, since we have talked about the storage system, in the next section we want to tell you how we can send and receive Bitcoins with this wallet, in case we need to carry out this type of operations at some point, in order to get the maximum possible match to this great wallet that we are presenting today.

How do I send and receive through Bitcoin Core?

Although wallets usually offer only the cryptocurrency storage service, in the case of Bitcoin Core we will have the possibility of sending and receiving Bitcoins through this support. In this matter, we have to say that both processes are very simple to carry out and the truth is that, in a few steps, we can perform them quickly.


Logically, to be able to make all these movements, previously, we must download the wallet and create the corresponding password.

Once we have done it, we have to add the cryptocurrencies to the wallet, a process that we have explained in a previous section and that if we do a little memory, we must remember that it was also very simple.

Send payments with Bitcoin Core

send-money-from-app-bitcoin-coreWell, all this said, in the case that we want to send Bitcoins from our wallet, we will not have any kind of problem, since what we have to do is go to the main support panel and in it, we have enabled a section where we will have the opportunity to make these movements.

The first step: To do this, we must give the button “send” and then copy the address of the wallet to which we want to make the transaction. The address can be easily included in the tab that says “pay to” and also, do not forget to enter the amount of Bitcoins you want to send.

There is not a certain amount that you have to introduce, offering the user flexibility so that he is free to send the money he needs within the system, which is very helpful especially at the beginning when we don’t have too much experience.

The second step: Before we can carry out the corresponding transaction, we must wait for the system to verify this movement correctly. You should not worry about anything because, as a general rule, if we have carried out the steps properly, the verification usually does not take too long.

Once the system has verified the transaction, we can see in our wallet the final balance of Bitcoins we have and also, the operation will have been saved in the transaction history that we have available on the support itself.

Receive payments with Bitcoin Core

receive-money-from-appOn the other hand, in the case that we want to receive a transaction, the operation that we must carry out is very similar to the one we just explained.

The first step: In this case, we will go back to the main panel of our wallet and, instead of clicking on the “send” button, this time we will have to click on the one that says “receive”.We will have to give and add the address of the purse that will send us the corresponding Bitcoins.

The second step: Again, if we want this operation to be valid, we will have to wait for the verification of the system and also, the wallet allows us to save this address in our history in case in the future, we will carry out other movements with it.

It is evident that these operations are also very easy to carry out with Bitcoin Core, since the wallet offers us all the tools we need to be able to carry them out properly. In addition, we will have good security measures so that we always operate in the best possible way and have no problems with our funds.


After having done this analysis on Bitcoin Core, we are clear that it is an excellent wallet to carry out our operations with cryptocurrencies. In this aspect, we can say that this support is one of the most valued in the market, since it is the official Bitcoin wallet and it provides us with very complete tools and services so that we store our Bitcoins in an appropriate way.

BITCOIN CORE conclusions

Also, we will also have the opportunity to make transfers with the cryptocurrencies that we have stored, with which we will have multiple options available for us to obtain the best benefits.

For all this, there is no doubt that Bitcoin Core is the perfect wallet to work with cryptocurrencies and the best thing is that, the operations that we can perform through this support, have very good security measures, being of the best in the market.

If you are thinking on start working with cryptocurrencies these can be your preferable option, since it offers an excellent balance between good performance, options, security and support.