Within the cryptocurrency market every time we find a greater number of tools that are very useful for us to operate correctly with these digital currencies. One of the best supports that we can use to perform these movements is Cryptopia.

It is an exchange that offers some great services for us to operate in a fast, simple and safe way and for this reason it is one of the most popular supports in the market, in fact, many users use it to try get the most benefits with cryptocurrencies.

Taking into account all this, today we want you to get a little closer to this system, know its operation and all the tools we have available, so that you can work with a safe and legal support, which offers all kinds of guarantees for that operating with cryptocurrencies is the easiest thing in the world.

What is Cryptopia?

Because we have a large number of exchanges available in the market with which we can carry out our operations, at the time we decided to work with cryptocurrencies, one of the fundamental aspects that we must know to choose the most appropriate exchange, is to know how is the operation of it.

what is cryptopia_

In this matter, we have to say that Cryptopia works in a very simple way, since it has some great tools that make it easy for us all the operations that we want to carry out.

Before getting fully involved in explaining the operation of this exchange, we have to mention that Cryptopia is considered one of the best trading platforms to operate with cryptocurrencies and since its founding, in 2014, it has always offered users the best services in this sense.

Its creators were Rob Dawson and Adam Clark and one of the great particularities that it has is that Cryptopia is one of the few exchanges in the world that has a headquarters, in this case in the town of Christchurch, located in New Zealand.

It is an exchange that allows us to make all kinds of exchanges with more than 400 cryptocurrencies, taking into account that Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency and also, aims that all users who use their services, we can take advantage of the advantages of knowing the ups and downs presented by the price of cryptocurrencies in the market.

How does Cryptopia work?

Now that we know a little more about this support, it is time to explain how it works, although we have to say that it is very simple and that with a few simple steps, we will be able to work with this exchange quickly.

how does cryptopia work

If we are clear that we want to work with Cryptopia:

The first step: the first thing we have to do is go to the main support page and in it, we will find in the top menu a tab where we can read “exchange”, what we will do is click on the button and then, we will return to another tab that says “markets”.

The second step: Here we have the opportunity to be able to consult all the information that we need about the markets that are available in the support, that is, the data that will serve us to be able to operate with some cryptocurrencies or others.

As you can see, Cryptopia exchange is quite intuitive and in addition, the system will guide us in all the steps we must take to be able to operate correctly.

The third step: Well, once we have done all this, the following will indicate the market in which we want to operate. Remember that we remain within the “markets” tab, with which, we will have to establish, what cryptocurrency is the most appropriate for us.

We have many available in Cryptopia, although if we are clear about the digital currency with which we want to operate, then we can use a search bar that is available in this section and that will quickly help us find the cryptocurrency we are looking for. And so, we can get all the information we need at any time.

In any case, we have to say that, although Cryptopia has a large number of cryptocurrencies, it is true that it has five predetermined markets, since they are the most important that we find in the sector. In this sense, among others, we can highlight Bitcoin or Ethereum.


The fourth step: When we have clear which cryptocurrency is with which we want to operate, the next thing we must do is to delimit the operation that we are going to carry out, in this matter, we refer to the purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies.

This is also a very simple process, since within the main menu, we will be able to perform all these movements, in a very fast way, since we have specific tabs that indicate each one of these operations.

In addition, to be able to make all these movements, the support offers us a large number of very useful tools, being one of the main graphics. These elements will allow us to know the price variations of each cryptocurrency and the best of all is that the cost of them.

We will always know in real time, something that is very advantageous because, at the moment we decide to make an operation, we will know that we are working with real prices and that we can benefit from the volatility of the market.

In this aspect, we also have to say that another thing that we find quite interesting, is that the support allows us to consult all the offers that other users have made regarding the cryptocurrency we have chosen to operate.

The fifth step: At the moment in which we want to open an operation, we will go to the section to which we are referring, where we have found the graphs and offers and here, we can carry out two actions. Either the purchase or otherwise the sale, as we have already mentioned.

exchange-buy-and-sell Buy cryptocurrencies: If we want to buy cryptocurrencies, we will have to click on the button that says “buy” and what we will do is enter the amount with which we are going to operate and the price that we are willing to pay to make this move. Once we have taken these steps, Cryptopia is responsible for making a quick calculation to validate the operation completely.

Sell cryptocurrencies: In the case that we want to sell cryptocurrencies, in the same section, we will give the “sell” tab, and we will have to do the same as for the previous situation, although in this case we must always look at the box that we have enabled for this, on the right side of the menu.

As you could have noticed, the operation of Cryptopia is very simple and makes it very easy for us to perform our operations. That is why we are convinced that it will be a very complete exchange, but we will continue with our Cryptopia review, and in the next section we will know all the security measures that this support uses.

Cryptopia Security

As with most similar media, security is one of the most important aspects that we must take into account when choosing an exchange to be able to carry out our operations.

In this case, with Cryptopia we will have no problem whatsoever, since it is considered one of the safest supports in the world, due to all the measures it uses so that we can carry out our movements with total guarantees.

cryptopia security

2-Factor security process: So that we can have the best security in this regard, what we have to do is enter the main menu and in it, in the upper left we find a tab where we can read “configuration”. We will click on it and once we are inside, we will find another button that says “2 factor security”.

This is the main section that we must know in relation to the security of this support, since it will be here where we have to take several steps to have the guarantee that our operations will be totally legal and safe.

What we want to say with this type of 2FA security, is that, the moment we open an account in Cryptopia, the system has to verify our identity and it does it in two ways.

The first one: it is to send us a message to an email address that we will have provided in advance

The second one: it means to do the same but through the mobile phone.

With this, the system ensures that we are the person we are indicating with the data we have added to the support and we will know that nobody will be able to usurp our identity, with which our account will be totally personal and non-transferable.

At the moment that we are inside this tab, the support offers us the possibility of optimizing 2FA security, presenting us another additional tab in which we can read “account security”. Here what we have to do is include more data and information that asks us for support, although this second option is not mandatory for all users, but it is highly recommended.

Google Authenticator program: In any case, in addition to what we have just commented, it is also important to bear in mind that the system itself advises us to work with the tools provided by the Google Authenticator program, therefore, we have another security system, so that the privacy and confidentiality of all the transactions that we carry out are perfect.

For its part, another aspect that we have to highlight in relation to the security of this support, is that, if we go to the section where we can carry out the operations of selling cryptocurrencies, we have the opportunity to enable an API.

Password: Finally, we can not forget to comment in this regard that, when we decide to open an account in Cryptopia, the system requires us to create a password, so that only we have access to our account.

In this case, it is recommended that the key we include be our own, that it is not related to any of the personal data we have previously provided and that, in addition, this password must be developed from the combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, together with numbers and other typographical elements.

This will make it very difficult for cybercriminals to enter our account.

Knowing all the security measures that Cryptopia uses to operate through this support, there is no doubt that it is a very complete exchange to operate with cryptocurrencies but, as we already know, if we want to use all the tools and services that provides us.

In advance, we have to register on the support and precisely then, we will tell you in detail, what we have to do to complete this registration process.

How to register in Cryptopia?

If we are totally convinced that we want to work with Cryptopia, then what we will have to do is register in the support to be able to operate as soon as possible, with the best conditions. To be able to carry out this process, the first thing will be to go to the official page of the exchange, since there, we will find all the elements that we need to carry out this process.

how to register in Cryptopia

The first step: Once we are inside this web, we will go directly to the tab that says “register”, and here we can start to perform this procedure. After having given the button, we found some boxes enabled, where we will have to add some important data to make an account in Cryptopia. In this sense, we refer to our personal data and, above all, an email address.

registration cryptopiaThe second step: We can not forget to include the email, since it will be there, where the system sends us a message to verify our identity properly.

At the moment we receive this message, which usually takes a few minutes, in it, we can see a link that says “verify my email address“, click on it, and directly our account will be validated, so that very fast, we will have the opportunity to start operating with cryptocurrencies through the services and tools provided by Cryptopia.

The third step: Once we have carried out all these steps, it is time to begin to know in depth the system, for this reason, the support allows us to take a preliminary look at the tools it offers us, mainly those that are related to the markets that we have available in the system.

It is essential that, before starting to conduct our operations, we know how to use all the services provided by the support, since we can not forget that later, we will have to operate with our money and it is advisable that we know how it works each of the tools offered by the support, so that we have more chances of obtaining profits.

The registration process in Cryptopia is very important, since without the personal data that we include in the system and without the subsequent verification, we will not be able to perform any type of operation, for this reason, we must look very well in all the steps that we are giving in this matter in order to complete the registration process successfully.

Once we have finalized it and the system has considered it valid, we will be able to know all the tools it provides us with, then have the opportunity to operate in the best possible way.

It is also important that we make reference to the account verification processes that we have available in the system. In this case, when we have completed the registration, we can choose between three levels of verification.

If we opt for level 1, the withdrawal limit that is established is 5,000 New Zealand dollars. On the other hand, in the case that we decide to do it for level 2, then this limit is higher, being 50,000, while in level 3, we will have to contact the support to establish what is the limit that we have since at this level, it is usual for users who operate with large quantities to work.

How could it be otherwise, taking into account that Cryptopia is a very complete support and that it offers us a large number of facilities, the registration process will also be very simple and at all times, the system will guide us so that let’s carry out all the steps in an appropriate way.

In any case, we have to say that although registering in the support is essential if we want to make any kind of movement, we can not forget to comment that, all the operations that we carry out through this support, are exposed to a series of commissions and rates.

So that you know the amount of all of them and you know what you have to pay at all times, we have prepared the following section of our analysis.

Commissions and Cryptopia fees

In order to carry out all the operations that we want through Cryptopia, it is very important that we know perfectly the commissions and rates that are established in this support. Although in the previous section we have already referred to the limits that we have available with respect to the levels of verification and the type of account that we have chosen.

Commissions and Cryptopia fees

The operation commission (bitcoin): we must also say that, in the case that we use Cryptopia to work with Bitcoins, the minimum amount with which we can operate is set at 0.0005 Bitcoins, taking into account that the additional percentage that we are going to have to pay for each of these movements is 0.20%.

Withdrawal commission (bitcoin): With regard to the withdrawal of funds in Bitcoins, in the case that we want to carry out this operation, the minimum we can withdraw from our account are 0.002 Bitcoins and this time, every time we go to make a withdrawal, we will have to do against a commission of 0.001 Bitcoins, for each operation we do.

Withdrawal comission (local currency): On the other hand, in the event that we are going to make a withdrawal using the local currency, which with Cryptopia are the New Zealand dollars, the maximum daily amount that we can withdraw from our account is set at 5,000 New Zealand dollars, which translates into about $ 3,495 from the United States.

In any case, if we are willing to work with traditional currencies, we also have to say that these figures are indicative, since, if we include more personal data in the system, the support offers us the possibility of increasing these amounts considerably, although for this, we will have to get in touch with the system itself.

It is evident that the commissions and tariffs of Cryptopia are very low, in fact, it is one of the supports that counts on less high amounts, in comparison with the numbers that we have found in other similar supports.

low-comission-cryptopiaThe truth is that, due to the amounts that Cryptopia presents us, nowadays, it has become very popular among users, since all the operations that we can carry out through this support are quite affordable, which, we find ourselves with one more advantage, in case we decide to work with this exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Having said all this, there is no doubt that Cryptopia is one of the best supports we can choose to carry out our operations, but before finishing our analysis, we wanted to add one more section, where we are going to talk about the technical support we have available.

It is not usual to refer to this element, but it is true that in Cryptopia it takes on a lot of weight, since it is a very complete support, which will be of great help to be able to carry out all our movements.

Technical support in Cryptopia

We finished our guide commenting, briefly, how is the technical support that we have available in Cryptopia. We must remember that it is very important to have a quality technical support, since this way, when we have any doubt or problem that we want to solve, this support will give us a more or less immediate solution.


In the case of Cryptopia, has been an element that has caught our attention, since we have different ways to get in touch with the support team.

The first option: we have to say, is that Cryptopia provides us with an email address so that we can send a message telling what our problem is. It is a widely used communication channel, although we must have in mind that we will not have the answer immediately.

The second option: But also the system provides us with a tab in which we can read “support”, if we click on it, an additional window will appear and here, we have the opportunity to explain, briefly, what has happened to us, in addition to being able to Choose the category of the problem and thus, get a solution as soon as possible.

In any case, in addition to these two routes, in Cryptopia we have available a forum that is active on the web, practically all day. In it, users who are part of the platform, include their opinions, questions or problems, so that there is a thread of conversation in which they can give practical solutions, in addition to interacting with other users, which is always something that favors.

Likewise, the support provides us with a live chat on its website, in case we need to contact them quickly, in order to obtain an immediate response to our problem. And finally, if we have time to travel, we can always approach their headquarters in New Zealand and expose our physical situation.

Although sometimes we do not give importance to the technical support of this type of systems, the truth is that it is an essential element, since it will be of great help to us when carrying out our operations.

We must remember that in many occasions, especially if we are beginners, we can have doubts or problems and we do not know how to face them, so it is essential that we have a support of this type that offers us the best solutions in the as little time as possible.



Once we have known all the services and tools that Cryptopia offers us, it has been quite clear to us that it is an ideal support to carry out our operations with cryptocurrencies. Due to the experience it has in the market and all the security measures with which it works, Cryptopia is a very complete exchange with which we will be able to obtain a large number of benefits.

In addition, we must emphasize that it offers multiple options to operate and also we must say, that allows us to work with a variety of cryptocurrencies. For all these things, Cryptopia is one of the most used exchanges in the world and also one of the most valued by experts in this market. It is a highly recommended option with which nobody will be wrong.