The market for cryptocurrencies is increasingly popular, for this reason, there are many digital currencies that we have available to carry out our operations. Although Bitcoin is usually talked about, since it was the pioneer cryptocurrency, nowadays, we can refer to many other virtual currencies, among which we must highlight the Dash.


We say this, because Dash is a cryptocurrency that has gained enough popularity in recent times and for this reason, more and more users are opting to operate with it. Precisely because of the advantages we have and the benefits it brings, we want you to also know in depth this digital currency and that is why we have prepared this Dash review.

If you are interested in operating with this cryptocurrency, we encourage you to read this article and know all the relevant aspects of this innovative digital currency.

What is Dash?

To start our guide we are going to put ourselves in a situation and we will know exactly what the Dash is.


When has Dash born?

startThe first thing we have to say about it is that this cryptocurrency has not always been called that, in fact, in its beginnings, it was known as Darkcoin, because it started based, almost entirely, on the system that Bitcoin presented.

However, as time went by, this digital currency began to adopt its own identity and was later renamed Digital Cash, which led to a final game of words to derive in what we know today as Dash.

Now that we know more about the history of this cryptocurrency, it is also important that we know the name of its founder, it is Evan Duffield, an expert in the sector who, after several years analyzing Bitcoin, launched this innovative currency on the market. January 2014.

Privacy and Anonymity

privacyFrom that moment, Dash has been going through several phases, taking into account that the ultimate goal was to offer users new services, completely renovated and that would have significant improvements compared to the system offered by Bitcoin.

Thus, Duffield managed to create a cryptocurrency, which was within a system where security measures are excellent and also, bet a lot on the privacy of all the data we enter in it, as well as respecting the anonymity of all transactions that take place within this system.

In addition to all this, it is also important to comment, that all the operations that we carry out through the Dash system, have a higher speed, so the speed of execution is more than evident.

Increased value

incrased-valueAlthough Dash wanted to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies, we can not forget to mention that it has software quite similar to that of Bitcoin, but as we have already said, the modifications have also been noted, endowing this cryptocurrency with a greater number of advantage.

Among other things that we can say about Dash, we must mention that it is a digital currency that has increased its value in the market considerably, taking into account that in recent years, it has been fully revalued.

Likewise, it is also important to refer to the security measures that it offers us, since it has its own system in this sense that allows us to carry out one-on-one operations, without any type of intermediary.


decentralizedDash, in addition, is one of the few cryptocurrencies that we can use in practically the whole world, since its system is prepared so that a large number of users can make use of it without problem.

Once again, we are talking about a totally decentralized digital currency, with which, we know that the value obtained in the market will depend on the law of supply and demand established by the users themselves and will not be regulated by a public organization.

Finally, before moving on to the next section, it is important to mention that Dash is one of the few systems that creates the blocks in a very short time, in fact, at present, it only takes approximately 2 and a half minutes to do it, in front of at 10 minutes it takes the Bitcoin system.

How does Dash work?

If there is something remarkable about Dash, it is that the operation of your system is quite simple and if we understand it quickly, we will have the opportunity to obtain a large number of benefits with fast operations.


One-to-one system

In this sense, the first thing we have to do is to remember that Dash has a one-to-one system, which means that in order to carry out our operations we will not need any intermediary, we can simply perform these movements directly with other users.

It is known as P2P system. But we can not forget either, that the Dash system works through software that is very similar to the one that Bitcoin presents us with, so we know that all the transactions are going to be verified and in addition, blocks will be created to elaborate the corresponding chain.

InstantX system & DarkSend technology

dash-systemIn this case, although it looks a lot like the blockchain, it must be said that the Dash system provides several improvements to the network, including a two-level security system.

We are referring to the InstantX system and DarkSend technology, which are two fundamental elements for us to understand perfectly the operation of this revolutionary cryptocurrency and the system on which it is based.

In this matter, first, let’s focus on the InstantX system. As you can see and as the name suggests, this system has some suitable tools so that all users who use Dash, we can carry out our operations quickly. What we mean by this is that the operations practically run instantly, in fact, most of them are validated in less than 5 seconds, a time well below what we are used to in other similar supports.

For its part, as we have already mentioned, Dash works with the newest technologies and in this case, we must highlight the presence of DarkSend technology.

Bearing in mind that this system is always committed to innovation and continuous improvement of the services offered to users, it must be said that thanks to the use of this technology all transactions that we make through Dash will be 100% anonymous.

With this, we know for sure that the data that we enter in the system will not be used for other fraudulent purposes, nor will the other users who use it know where a specific transaction comes from, nor what is the destination address, as well as, this technology avoids that the exact amount that has been used to formalize the corresponding operation is known.


masternodeFinally, we must bear in mind that Dash also has the well-known Masternodes. Masternodes are exclusive devices that are capable of making their own decisions. With which, through them, there may be blockages in transactions, in the case that the system detects that they may be fraudulent or also, combine a series of codes.

Specifically, Dash has more than 4,000 Masternodes distributed all over the world and the best part is that they are very safe and are working constantly, 24 hours a day.

Therefore, the operation of the Dash system is very simple, since to work with it, we will only have to register in the system and carry out the operations that we need taking into account the elements with which this cryptocurrency works.

Remember that it is a similar system to Bitcoin, although it has improvements and updates that make it unique, that has a greater speed and that we can also enjoy more privacy in our transactions.

Dash Advantages

In the previous section we have already advanced some of the most significant advantages of Dash, but we want you to know which are the main ones so that you are clear that, with this cryptocurrency, we will have the opportunity to obtain a large number of benefits.


Fast Operations: In this case, we will begin by recalling the speed that Dash presents with respect to the execution of operations. Because it reduces the time in validating these actions, we will be able to carry out a greater number of them, with which, we will have more possibilities to increase our profits.

Anonymity: With regard to transactions, we must also say that Dash respects the anonymity of the same, as well as the information we have added in the system about us. This is fundamental if we work with cryptocurrencies, since this way we know at all times that the operations we do will be private and nobody will be able to usurp our identity or try to change the destination address of that transfer.

New Technology: On the other hand, it is also very advantageous that Dash focuses on the use of new technologies, we refer to the InstantX system or the DarkSend system. We must bear in mind that if we work with Dash we will have very complete tools and we will always have at our disposal the most innovative services so that we can operate quickly and easily and, in addition, effectively.

Security Measures: Of course, one of the biggest advantages that we have if we work with this cryptocurrency, is that it has a system that has great security measures. In fact, it has a very advanced encryption system, so it is practically impossible that you can copy the transactions or decipher the codes that are granted inside the blocks. In particular, Dash is based on the blockchain protocol but giving it that more security point that has made the system we are discussing so popular.

Worldwide Transaction: we will have the possibility of using this system in any part of the world, since Dash has been developed for many users to use it and, in addition, it can be operated from any time and place, so we will not have to worry if we want to continue having our operations controlled and we have moved to another country, to give an example.

Commissions: other advantages that we can comment on Dash is that we are just going to have to pay commissions to carry out the operations within the system, even, in some cases, these movements may be totally free and in addition, we must also say that this Cryptocurrency does not have any type of regulation, so the value it presents in the market will always depend on the law of supply and demand that users establish.

How to buy Dash?

Although the option to invest is very good for profit with this cryptocurrency, it is also convenient that we know what we can do to buy Dash, if we want to obtain other services or goods or simply, we need to carry out some exchange.


It is becoming easier to buy this type of cryptocurrency, since we have several places enabled for it. It is true that at the beginning, all this was only available for Bitcoin, but as Dash and other digital currencies have acquired a great popularity, nowadays, we do not have it too complicated to be able to buy the cryptocurrencies that we need.

What are those places?

Money exchange

exchange-dashIf we go around the net, we can find a large number of exchange houses where we have the opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies. In this case, we are going to focus on Dash, since it is a digital currency that is progressively entering the market.

The truth is that the exchange houses are the most comfortable places to acquire these digital currencies, since they allow us to buy the Dash we want, paying the corresponding amount with other cryptocurrencies or even, if we prefer, with traditional currencies.

Although today we have many exchange houses that offer these services with Dash, among them, the most popular and most used are AnyCoin Direct and HitBTC. These are two exchange houses that have been in the market for a long time and offer the possibility of carrying out this type of operations with different cryptocurrencies, among which is Dash.

In addition, we can be very calm if we decide to use them for our purchases, because they are 100% safe, in fact they are very well valued by financial experts.

Specialized websites

specialzed-webs-dashAnother option that we have available to buy Dash is to go to a page specialized in offering services to operate with this cryptocurrency. As we know, there are many through which we can acquire Bitcoin but perhaps with Dash is somewhat more complicated since it is a cryptocurrency that has not been circulating in the market for so long.

In any case, there are several pages that provide these services and the only thing we have to do if we want to buy Dash with them, is to register in the portal and to prove our identity as well as the address where we live.

Always remember to choose a page that allows you to operate with different digital currencies, since, although we are focusing on Dash, perhaps at some point we need to carry out our operations with other cryptocurrencies, so it is much better than we have a wide variety of options available.

Whichever option we choose, in order to buy the corresponding Dash we will have to enter in the system the final amount that we want to acquire and later, make the payment, being able to choose between several ways.

Or using our usual credit card, we can also do it through a bank transfer or, if we prefer, make use of some online payment program, being one of the most popular PayPal.

How to invest in Dash?

Taking into account all the benefits that Dash can bring us, there is no doubt that it is a good asset so that we can invest in it. Although many users use cryptocurrencies to obtain goods or services or simply to acquire others, the truth is that investing in this digital currency is a practice that has become very popular and with which we will be able to obtain multiple profits.


In the case of Dash, we have two ways that will be very useful for our investments, we talk about mining and Contracts for difference. We will explain what each one of them consists of.

Invest through mining

The mining process is very important within the world of cryptocurrencies, since it is the miners who are in charge of verifying the transactions and creating the blocks. We are going to talk about all this in a section that we have set aside for this, however, in this case we want to tell you that mining can be a great way to invest in Dash.

We say this because if we dedicate ourselves to carry out this process, if we do it properly, for each transaction that is verified correctly, like the creation of the corresponding block, the miners obtain a certain amount of cryptocurrencies.


It is true that this process is not too simple, but it is a good option if we are experts in this market. In any case, it is important that you know that the benefits obtained through this method are not very high.

Investment with Contracts for difference

As we already know, Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are very advantageous because they allow us to be able to operate in different assets without having to acquire them physically. Surely you know them because they are widely used in other markets such as raw materials or stocks.

However, due to the great acceptance that cryptocurrencies are having, brokers are increasingly betting to include this market within their options, therefore, we will have the opportunity to invest in these virtual currencies in a fast and easy way and also counting on very good tools.

In relation to financial brokers, it is also important to note that many of them allow us to operate directly on this market and for this, we usually have adequate leverage.

Dash Wallets

Within the market of cryptocurrencies, purses have become indispensable elements if we want to carry out any type of operation with them. In this matter, we have to say that, at present, there are multiple Dash wallets, therefore, we will have several options to choose from.


Next, we will expose you which are the best purses that you can use, if you are clear that you want to operate with this cryptocurrency.

DashCore: one of the best wallets that we can choose to operate with Dash is DashCore, since it is the own wallet that the cryptocurrency presents us with. It is the most original and also, it is easily installed on our desk.

This wallet is fully compatible with blockchain technology and also does not allow the possibility of making all the transfers that we need using the DarkSend system. Although this desktop version is the most used by users, we must bear in mind that DashCore has an application for mobile devices for Android, in case we need to operate at any time or place.

And its operation is very complete, much more than that of other applications for mobile devices, having a good optimization for touch screens.

Exodus: it is a wallet that allows us to work with practically all the cryptocurrencies that exist, mainly those that are most popular and that have a greater value in this market. Although the function of Exodus is to allow us to store our cryptocurrencies, we must say that the software that presents us also offers us the possibility of sending and receiving transactions.

It also has very advanced tools, so that we operate in the best possible way, among which the graphics stand out. Exodus is a wallet that always has constant updates and to work with it, we will need a computer that has at least 2GB of RAM.

But taking into account that it is not a very high capacity, surely any user can benefit from this platform, becoming a great wallet that can give very good results if we take advantage of everything it provides.

Electrum Dash: it is not the first time that we refer to Electrum and it is that this wallet adapts to any cryptocurrency that we want to use for our operations. In this case, it focuses on Dash, offering us all the necessary tools to perform our movements.

It allows us to store cold digital currency, so we will be exposed to fewer risks and we also have many useful tools available, such as the general balance or the details of all the transfers that are carried out. out through the purse itself.

How to mine Dash?

As with other similar cryptocurrencies, in the case of Dash, mining is also going to be a very important process. Dash mining is very similar to the other systems, since, to carry out this process, we will need a good computer that has an adequate CPU and above all, a GPU of quality and great power.

In particular, mining in Dash is mainly done with the GPU, since it is a graphics card that allows us to decipher the codes in a much faster and more efficient way.

One of the things that has caught the attention of Dash mining is that, unlike in other cryptocurrencies, in this case the process is always exposed to continuous updates, in fact, one of the last ones that have been carried out is based in the ASICXII algorithm.


This algorithm is closely linked to the Masternodes, which, as we have mentioned in a previous section, are computers that are in operation 24 hours a day and are responsible for creating a large number of blocks.

Such is its speed of execution and its effectiveness, that it is estimated that approximately 45% of the total blocks generated by Dash, are part of the work done by these Masternodes.

In fact, the process of mining in Dash is very similar to that of the other cryptocurrencies, with the peculiarity that it has specific devices that are distributed throughout the world. In any case, if we want to be part of the mining, it is very important that we do with all the specific elements to which we referred in the first paragraph.


After knowing all the advantages that Dash gives us and the exclusive characteristics that it presents, there is no doubt that it is a good alternative for us to carry out our operations. In this case, we have to say that Dash is an innovative system where new technologies take on a greater prominence.

DASH conclusions

In addition, it always endeavors to include new security measures and respect the privacy of users and transactions. Currently, Dash is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies that we can find in the market and that is why every time there are more supports and tools available, so that we can operate in this cryptocurrency in a successful way.

So let us consider this choice in case you have in mind to try an alternative cryptocurrency to the usual ones.