In the financial market we find a large number of values where we can make investments obtaining the greatest possible benefits. That is why every time we have more assets where we can operate, although the cryptocurrency market has been settling more and more and is the most interesting for us.

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These digital currencies are within a decentralized market, so it is very easy to make transactions with them, thus offering us multiple advantages. Therefore, if you are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, you will need a series of tools to be able to take advantage of your transactions.

For this reason, we will recommend a good exchange where you can make exchanges between such currencies. This time we are going to talk about HitBTC, a very complete support where you can perform your operations in an easy and safe way. So we advise you to read this guide to find out about all the advantages offered by this platform.

What is HitBTC?

In this article we want to tell you everything you need to know the operation of Hitbtc and thus be able to perform the digital financial operations you want. But before that, we want to talk to you a little more about other equally important aspects of this exchange.


As we have told you before, Hitbtc is a very complete digital support since it offers you a very simple cryptocurrency exchange system, offering the necessary services for it. In their web portal they provide all the information you need to know about this support in a very detailed way, something that is very important for your future oprations.

In addition to this, Hitbtc has a series of security measures that faithfully protects its users, making them place their trust in it.

This platform was created in 2013 is one of the most advanced in the market for its technological innovation, as it continually carries out updates of its system to offer the best financial services to its customers.

Likewise, Hitbtc is a support that has a great experience in the market and is highly valued by its users, which is why it is so successful in this sector. Another important aspect that you should know about Hitbtc is that it has a physical space where you can go when a serious problem arises and is that it has a central office in Hong Kong.

But this does not limit its scope in any case, since from its web portal you can operate through its system Hit Solution Limited from virtually anywhere in the world.

As we have anticipated in previous paragraphs, this support has as its main function to make exchanges between digital currencies, although it also has the function of wallet where we can accumulate the cryptocurrencies that we have available to use when we deem it appropriate.

How does Hitbtc work?

Knowing all these details about this platform, we have to delve into what really interests us in this section: the Hitbtc operation. As we have already told you, this platform has a website to perform financial transactions with cryptocurrencies, which is very intuitive so you will not have problems when working with it.

How does Hitbtc work

Its system is very simple and following a few simple steps, that we will tell you in later sections, you will have in a few minutes your active account to make exchanges in this support.

Cryptocurrencies Storage

In Hitbtc, the storage of digital currency is done in a very beneficial way for its users since the funds they have will be kept safely outside the system, leaving only a small percentage in their wallet to carry out the transactions you want, thus avoiding possible risks that may arise in the network.

BITCOIN WALLETThis already indicates that this platform offers its customers a series of security measures that protect their accounts first and foremost, an aspect that will be discussed in the following section.

But, following the operation of Hitbtc and regardless of its wallet function, this support was created mainly to make exchanges between digital currencies, for this reason, we will explain everything you need to carry out this transaction of the best possible way.

Bitcoin is mainly used in Hitbtc because it is the first digital currency that emerged and, therefore, the best known and most valued in this market. However, this support allows you to work with more than 50 different cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Ripple, Dash or Litecoin.

Likewise, it also gives the possibility of carrying out transactions with fiduciary currencies such as the US dollar, the pound sterling or the euro, a service that not all digital media of this type offer its users.

As the latest data you should know, Hitbtc gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with your system without having to use your own money through a Demo available on their website, providing you with 10 virtual bitcoins and a total balance of 130 to perform operations and to see how does the system work.

This is a great advantage for users and another point in favor of the quality of this support.

Hitbtc Security

Next, in this section, we will tell you everything you need to know about the security measures available to Hitbtc to protect the data and money of its users, a very important aspect when choosing a digital support for this type to perform our financial operations.

HitBTC security

It is a subject that we should not overlook because it depends on our privacy and security. We must, therefore, know all the security measures used in this platform to know how to avoid the possible risks of theft and hacking.

We have already told you about the demo issue that you have on their web portal and that allows us to try the movements we want to make before using our own money.

This, in addition to being an aspect of the operation of Hitbtc is also a security measure since it does not make mistakes when using our money and thus avoid that we can commit them due to ignorance. But as we have already explained in the previous section, we will now detail other security measures that are used in this digital support.

SSL secure connection: One of the measures with which this company works is SSL Secure Connection, which is one of the best security systems that we can find in this market today.

The use of this system guarantees that all the data that we include in the platform remain hidden for third parties, respecting the privacy of the information we manipulate to the maximum. In addition, it works with a two-step verification method that can be carried out easily through the Google Authenticator program.

Impassable password: To register on their page and create an account with which to work, this support will ask for a password that must be personal and non-transferable, as our security depends on it.

PASSWORDAlso, this password will require us every time we want to make any movement in our account, so we must put a password of at least 8 characters to avoid risks of theft or hacking, because the longer a password, the more difficult will be to find out.

For this, we advise you to mix in it both letters and numbers and that the letters are both lowercase and uppercase. In addition to this, at the time of creating our account, Hitbtc has a three-level verification system so it offers another measure of security, making it possible to operate in a calm manner without any type of risk.

These three levels of verification are the general, the verified and the qualified. Here we detail them.

Validation account: The general is the most basic way to validate our account and all customers must go through this process. When creating our account, Hitbtc will send a message to our email to validate this account.

In this case, we have an important advantage, and that is that all the deposits that we make with digital currencies are completely free and the withdrawal limit of funds per day is 5,000 euros, thus restricting the realization of transactions with FIAT currencies.

Restrictions: With respect to the verified, it is a level in which we will not have to pay any amount for carrying out cryptocurrency deposits. In this case, the daily withdrawal limit is greater, specifically, 25,000 euros.

Unlike the previous level, here it is allowed to work with FIAT coins, with a weekly withdrawal limit of 2,000 euros or dollars and a monthly limit of 10,000 for the two currencies. And the qualified level is the most advanced of the three.

Like the previous levels, this also allows cryptocurrency deposits for free, allowing the withdrawal of more than 25,000 euros per day. In the case of FIAT currencies, the limit is 10,000 euros or dollars per week and 50,000 of both currencies on a monthly basis.

How to register in Hitbtc?

After knowing what Hitbtc is, how it works and what security measures are available to protect their customers, you are certainly looking forward to using this digital support to exchange cryptocurrencies through your account.

how to register Hit BTC

But to be able to do this, we must create an account where to accumulate our digital currency and thus be able to perform such operations. In this section, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to register on this platform.

Following these simple steps that we explain below, in a few minutes you will have created your account and you can enjoy the advantages that Hitbtc offers you. So without further delay we will detail everything.

The first step: we must go to the Hitbtc website in order to complete the necessary registration to create an account. At the beginning of this article, we have left you the link to said web and clicking on it will take you directly there.

Registration HitBTCThe second step: In this registry you will ask us for a series of information about us, that is, a series of personal data and an email address to which we will send the messages that they deem appropriate depending on the time and movement we make.

It is very important to provide such mail since HITBTC will send us a message to validate our registration and thus create our account in this support.

The third step: Once our registration has been validated, we will have to return to the web page of the platform and thus finish completing the process. Among the personal information that they will ask us we find our place of residence and to verify this information we will require that we provide the relevant documentation to prove it.

To do this, for example, a bank statement or an invoice. Likewise, we will have to send a copy to show that we are the holders of the bank account that we have provided when filling out the registration form.

The fourth step: After carrying out these steps that we have just detailed, we will have to verify the account that we have created for what we have of the system of the three levels that we have explained in the previous section, dedicated to the security of Hitbtc.

We remind you briefly that these three levels are the general, the verified and the qualified. In the case where we decide to do this verification through the first level, the general, we will only have to do it through our email address.

But, if on the other hand we choose any of the other two levels, that is, the verified or the qualified one, then we will have to incorporate the copies of the documentation that they have requested us. In addition, we will also have to include a photograph of us that is as recent as possible.

After carrying out these simple steps, we already have our account created and we can begin to enjoy it carrying out the transactions that we want. Through what we have detailed in this article, plus the information that has this support on their website, you can get all the performance possible to your wallet and benefit from the advantages that Hitbtc offers.

As you can see after this explanation of how to register in Hitbtc, it is very easy and quick to create an account in this support. You only need a few minutes and that’s it.

But this is not the end, so don’t panic. You still have several aspects to know about this platform before going to your website to start working on it. Therefore, in the following sections we are going to tell you that information that you still have to know and we assure you that you will be interested.

So, keep reading if you do not want to miss a single detail of Hitbtc.

Hitbtc Advantages

As we move forward in our analysis, we are quite clear that Hitbtc is a good exchange to carry out our operations. But we still have many more things to discover about this support, among others, in this section we want to make special reference to the trading platform that provides us.

Hit BTC advantages

The truth is that Hitbtc is one of the best exchanges that we have available in the market, which has a very complete trading platform, from which, we will be able to perform all the operations that we want with total comfort.

Trading Platform

In this matter, the first thing we have to say about it is that we can carry out our operations directly from the web, with which, it is evident that the facility will be greater. But we must also mention that the trading platform offered by Hitbtc, allows us to include several orders at once, therefore, we can carry out operations simultaneously.


Multiple operations: In this case, we must highlight the presence of a large number of orders of all kinds, being the most used by the users of this exchange, the market, the canceled and also the immediate ones.

It is great to have a platform that offers us these services, since this way, we will be able to have a large number of options, to obtain the greatest number of benefits. Performing operations using these types of orders is much more advantageous and gives us multiple guarantees.

On the other hand, if we go a little deeper into this platform, we have to say that in it, we will find several tabs from which, we will have the opportunity to perform different types of operations.

Among all of them, one of the most important is the one that puts “exchange“, since here, the system provides us with multiple tools to be able to negotiate in this financial market, as well as, we will have the opportunity to consult all the information we need to carry out our operations in an appropriate way.

Offering Tools: Likewise, we can not forget to mention that the Hitbtc platform is very complete in relation to the tools it offers us.

We have already referred to this in the previous paragraphs, but we want to emphasize that, if we work with this support, we will have at our disposal a large number of graphics, as well as analyzes of all kinds, which will be of great help in order to carry out our operations correctly. .

These tools are very advantageous for us, since they allow us to perform all the movements that we need, providing us with the right elements so that the operations end up being a true success.

Taking into account all the tools offered by Hitbtc through its trading platform, we have to say that the system also allows us to customize all these elements. Thus, the tools that we finally use to operate will always be adapted to our trader profile, as well as to the needs that we have at each moment.

Without a doubt, it is a very useful way to facilitate the work to all users.

Non-prior deposit: Another advantage that we have if we work with this platform is that, at the time we decided to carry out our operations with it, we will not have to make a prior deposit to start operating, since this service is free for users.

Yes, the only requirement that we must meet to make use of this trading platform, is to have previously registered in the support, since without the account, we will not be able to carry out any movement.

Similarly, if we are not clear how to use this platform, we should not worry about anything, since this support allows us to familiarize ourselves with the system beforehand, since it has a demonstration option in which we can see all the tools that we have available and the movements that we can make through this platform.

Purchase operations: In addition to everything we just told you, we also have to say that from the Hitbc trading platform, we will be able to carry out cryptocurrency purchase and sale operations, and for that, we have specific tabs.

Multilingual support: We will also have a list of orders that is available in more than 10 languages, since this support offers coverage in a large number of countries and another aspect that we can not forget is that, at present, the support is working to offer to users a service to be able to perform margin operations.

Technical support on Hitbtc

To finish our review we want to tell you about the technical support offered by Hitbtc. In many occasions, this tool is not given much importance, since we think it is something that should be there and normally we do not give it the correct use.

Hit BTC technical support

In this sense, we must remember that Hitbtc provides us with quality technical support, through which we can quickly get in touch with the operators of this exchange, to solve any problem or doubt that may arise as we go performing our operations.

Hitbtc makes it very easy for us, since it is a very complete system that allows us to carry out these actions through several different routes. The first one we are going to refer to is email.

The truth is that it is the most common method among media of this type, since they provide us with an email address so that we can send a message and thus, get an answer as soon as possible from the technical support of the exchange.

SUPPORT HitBTCIt is a very convenient way to use, although we must also bear in mind that it does not have as much immediacy, because in many cases, the answer can not be obtained instantly.

On the other hand, Hitbtc also puts at our disposal a public forum, where we can expose our situation or even know the doubts and problems of other users. In this forum, all those who are part of this exchange can participate, taking into account that it is a very fast way of communication, where we can get an answer instantly.

We must also say that the forum is used a lot to improve interaction with users, so not only will we be able to get in touch with technical support, if not also, with other people who are using Hitbtc to perform their operations. Within the support website, we have found a section of “frequently asked questions”.

This is also a way that can help us to get some answers, although it is the least immediate, because the normal thing is that here we find generalized issues and it may be that in many moments, our doubts or problems are totally individual, even thus, it is another method that we have available if we want to make any query.

Finally, we have to make reference to a totally innovative initiative that we have available in Hitbtc, it is about its ticket system. What we can do with them, is to exchange them for clear and specific answers on very specific topics.

It is a very quick and easy to use system, and where all kinds of topics are addressed. Although there is a wide variety of topics in this regard, the most common issues that we find in this system, are those that are related to the way of making payments on the support or also the different verification processes that it offers us.

Similarly, it is also very common to ask questions about the exchanges that we can carry out through this system, both for transactions carried out with cryptocurrency and with fiduciary currencies.



With all that we have just seen about Hitbtc there is no doubt that it is a very complete exchange with which we will be able to operate quickly and easily.

This system has some good tools to make our operations a success, remembering that, in addition, all the services they provide us are very safe, since Hitbtc works with good security measures to offer us the best guarantees.

It is clear that, due to the experience it has in the market and the large number of options it offers, Hitbtc has become an exchange widely used by users and is capable of supporting large transactions. For all these reasons we are quite clear that it is the ideal support to operate with cryptocurrencies.