For some time, cryptocurrencies have become very popular assets in which most users are opting to perform their operations. In this regard, we must bear in mind that we have a large number of tools to make these movements very simple.

Within all the elements that we find today in the market, without a doubt, the signals have become protagonists, since thanks to them, we are going to obtain all kinds of information about the cryptocurrencies with which we want to work.


Due to the great importance that these alerts have acquired, in this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about them, so that you can work with an adequate system that allows you to perform all the operations you need in the best possible way.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the following sections where we will tell you more about all of this.

What are cryptocurrency signals?

Before getting fully into analyzing all the elements that are essential to know about cryptocurrency signals, it is important that we begin by making a brief description about them, so we will know what it is and all the advantages that we have if we decide to work with this type of alerts.

Definition: Cryptocurrency signals are alerts that provide us with specialized systems, so that we know all the relevant information about the assets we have chosen to operate to the smallest detail. These are alerts that are prepared by experts in the market and that will provide us with very important data about these cryptocurrencies.

Some history

At present, signals have become an indispensable tool for users to carry out our operations, because it is always much better to have an element of this type to help us make the best possible movement. Thus, we will know at all times how is the market and what is the most appropriate time to operate.

Although the cryptocurrencies are assets that have been operating for some time, since we began to know about them in 2009 when the first digital currency was launched, the famous Bitcoin, the truth is that it was not until some years later when the cryptocurrency signals appeared in the market.

In the beginning, virtual currencies were presented as an alternative within the financial market, taking into account the serious consequences that the crisis had brought.

However, step by step, cryptocurrency began to hook by itself and increasingly it was more frequent that users decided to use them to perform their operations. At present, they are very important assets within this market and that is why we have exclusive services so that we can work with these cryptocurrencies.

Within this new scenario that was raised, signs appeared, that although it is true we already knew what they were because they are used for other markets, such as Forex, stocks or raw materials, among others.

Finally, the popularity of cryptocurrencies has meant that there are also alerts for them and that thus users who work in this market have the necessary information to be able to carry out their operations in a safe and adequate manner.

Now that we know exactly what the cryptocurrency signals are, it is time for us to move on to the next section to know, more in depth, what kind of information these alerts provide us so that we can carry out our operations in a successful manner, we will see more detail what these data are to which we are referring.

What information do we receive from the signals?

As we have already said, cryptocurrency signals are very beneficial tools, but before choosing any system that provides us with this type of alerts, it is convenient that we know what information is issued to us, in order to choose the platform that best suits our needs and obtain the greatest number of signals to carry out our operations.


In this matter the first thing we have to say about this is that the main information provided by these signals is directly related to the position of cryptocurrencies in the financial market in which they are located.

What we mean by this is that said market has a high volatility, so it usually undergoes with changes or modifications often.

What are the benefits?


Precisely all these data we will know quickly thanks to these signals since they are responsible for letting us know how is the market at all times.

The truth is that they are very beneficial because as a general rule this type of alerts are usually made instantly, with which we will have the certainty that if we want to operate we will be able to do it using the information in real time that they are providing.

Investing movements: When we speak of cryptocurrency movements in the market, we are not only referring to the position itself of the digital currency in question, also the signals allow us to obtain information about the price presented by the cryptocurrency in each moment.

Once again, volatility comes into play here, because we can not forget to mention that the value of cryptocurrencies in said market will always depend on the law of supply and demand established by the users themselves, with which prices vary rapidly from one moment to another.

Alerts: Similarly, although alerts are normally used to know the information about cryptocurrencies, we must also bear in mind that these signals offer us the best data to know what is the most appropriate time to make our purchase or sale of them.

The usual thing is that the experts who develop this type of alerts know perfectly the market in which we are working and provide us with all kinds of recommendations so that we can achieve success as soon as possible.

Of course, these tips are also going to give us commenting which operation is the most appropriate for each day, but not all cryptocurrencies have the same behavior, so it is a very valuable information that we should have in consideration if we decide to make some kind of movement.

Specialists analysis: In this matter there are many systems that are fully automatic and that are responsible for developing the signals from automated analysis.


But it is advisable that whenever we can, we choose an alert system that provides signals elaborated by specialists, since this way we will surely obtain more information of quality and many more guarantees.

Additional Tools: Although signals are the main elements in all of this, we must also say that they are usually accompanied by additional tools that will help us to understand much better how the market is and to define finally the operation that we are going to carry out.

We are referring, for example, to the multiple market charts, financial analysis or even guides to know how to properly use these signals or know the best time to invest.

Taking into account all the information provided by the alerts, there is no doubt that these are fundamental tools to be able to operate in the cryptocurrency market, since not only do they provide us with important data, but we also know that if we use them we will have some elements that will provide us with enough security, and thus we will not go “blind” when carrying out the corresponding operation.

Where can we find them?

Once we have known that they are cryptocurrency signals and all the information we can obtain if we work with them, the time has come to know how we can obtain these signals in order to carry out our operations in a successful manner.


1. Live signal providers

In this matter, we have to say that we can acquire the alerts we are referring to through several channels, although we are going to talk about live signal providers at this moment.

cryptocurrency-signalsAs its name suggests, a provider is one that offers a service to other users. In this case, these are systems that provide us with all the alerts we need to be able to operate in this market.

We refer to systems because the usual thing is that they are specialized platforms that are dedicated to work in this market, although we also have to say that there may be experts that elaborate their signals independently and offer these services to the public.

Anyway, we are going to focus on the platforms that are the most used within this market.

Assets: In this case, the first thing we must take into account are the assets that we have available to be able to operate. When we have a secure and adequate support in front of us, we can easily see the list of cryptocurrencies on the platform’s own web page, with which, with a simple glance, we will know in which digital currencies we can operate.

Once we know this information, it is important that the system offers us tools so that we can measure the trends or, failing that, it carries out this type of operation.

Information offered: If we keep moving forward, commenting on what the providers of live signals are, we have to say that this type of system will provide us with all the alerts that we need to carry out our operations, although with a very important particularity and that is the majority of information that offer us is in real time.

Instantly analyzes and high speed: The truth is that this is a great advantage since, as we have already mentioned, the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, so the best we can do is to choose a signal provider that analyzes the changes experienced by cryptocurrencies instantly.

Of course, it is important to know the percentage of success that have their alerts, something we can quickly know if we go around their website or through a financial portal.

Also, we can not forget to mention that signal providers must have the best tools to monitor the market, since they have to offer quality alerts with more detailed information about these assets.

It is also important that it allows us to execute the orders quickly, since this way, we will make the most of the data that it provides in the alerts and we will know that we are operating based on real and reliable data.

Free or paid: Business-man-thinkingSome other factors to keep in mind about live signal providers is that they can be free or paid. In this matter, it is recommended that we start working with those who, at least, offer us the opportunity to try their services for a limited time for free.

This will familiarize us with the system and we will know how to act in each moment.

As for the payment providers, this method is normally done by subscription and they must allow us to pay the corresponding amount in convenient terms.

Finally, we must remember that good suppliers must be constantly updated and offer us the possibility of operating 24 hours, as well as having a technical support to help us if we have some kind of problem.

2. Brokers


Although signal providers are very popular among users to get all the necessary alerts to help us carry out our operations, we must bear in mind that it is not the only way we have available to acquire those signals that we need so much.

In this matter, we must mention the brokers, since these supports are increasingly including this service and also, they usually offer us the possibility of operating directly with the cryptocurrency that we have chosen.

As we know, brokers are online platforms that allow us to perform all kinds of operations in different markets, although it is true that cryptocurrencies have become very popular, which is why, at present, there are many brokers that offer us some services suitable to work with these digital currencies.

Trusted platform: When we choose a trustworthy broker, the usual thing is that we look at such important elements as the security measures used, the platform that provides us to operate or the types of assets that we have available.

But in the case that we are going to operate with cryptocurrencies, it is important that the broker we have chosen has a good signal system that provides us with that information that we need to know.

 Good reputation: The usual in these cases is that most brokers, especially if they have a good reputation and are completely legal, have integrated an alert system that helps users to perform their operations.


In these cases, we will not have to pay an additional amount for using these services, since they are included in the amount we make when carrying out our registration in this support.

Despite all this, some brokers may charge us a small fee for using this type of system.

Custom and detailed: In any case, the signals issued by the brokers also offer us a very detailed information about the cryptocurrencies with which we want to operate and also the normal thing is that we can choose the way we want to receive these alerts.

In this case, we will have the opportunity to consult them from the platform itself, also receive them through our email or even by a text message.

Personal support: personal-supportApart from all these things, it is important that we know that most of the brokers that include a signal system among their services, offer us a good technical support to solve any type of doubt besides giving us the opportunity to operate throughout the day in this market.

Brokers who work with trading signals have their own system, but sometimes this is not the case, although they allow us to work simultaneously with an alert provider, provided it is legal and safe, so the options they provide are multiple.

Although we can talk about many brokers that have these services, Xtb or 24Option are the most used by users to obtain this data.

3. Trading signals companies

We are reaching the end of our guide and before finishing we also have to make reference to the trading signals companies that we have available in the market.

In this case, we will focus on three platforms that are considered the best in the market.


All of them started by providing Forex alerts, since, as we already know, it is the market with the most movement and where many transactions are carried out on a daily basis.

However, as cryptocurrencies gain popularity, they have also included this type of services to offer the best information to users.

Although each of them has some exclusive features, it is true that the three have several elements in common, as is the case of good security measures that present, the wide variety of alerts both the currency market and the cryptocurrency as well as a safe and comfortable platform to use in order to carry out our operations in the best possible way.



We will focus first on talking about SeñalesForexPro ( since it has been one of the pioneers in the market.

Experience: In this case, we have to say that this platform offers us a large number of Forex and cryptocurrency alerts, and in the latter, we have information about Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Iota, among other digital currencies.

Cost: They have free service, although we can make different types of accounts that will cost us more or less money, depending on the services we want to have at our disposal.

Platform: It has a web platform, fast, simple and intuitive and also, it is a very secure support, proof of this is that we have been able to see on its website the seal of some well-known companies such as VeriSign or McAfee. Likewise, it also provides us with a training center so that we can start trading.

Is it worth to pay for a signal service?

To finish our guide, we want to make a brief reflection about this type of signal services, since all of us who dedicate ourselves to the financial world should make use of these alerts.

The truth is that it is worth working with them, because this way we will have the necessary information to be able to carry out the operations in the best possible way.


In this matter, we must remember that many systems, platforms or brokers provide us these services for free and others, in which you have to pay for them.

Always we have to know that in many cases those that are paid usually provide us with more information and more tools to make these movements, however, we do not always have to go to those systems that requires payment. There are many free ones that are also very complete and that will be of great help to start our journey.

What do we mean by all this?

Although it’s worth paying for signal services, before choosing a system, it is important that we know what it really offers us and compares it with other supports that are free and that they give us the same results. Like in other businesses, not always the expensive is synonymous with quality.

Chose correctly


It may be worth paying for these services, but there is no doubt that many media that provide us with the same information are also quite reliable and also totally free.

On the other hand, if we can test some services and not only one, this will be good thinking on the future, because we will know what is the best service among the others.

For this reason, it is advisable to analyze what are the best supports that exist in the market, do a price comparison and choose the one that is most suitable for us.

In short, paying for a signal service does not always have to be the best option, for this matter there are many platforms such as those we have named in the previous section, which allow us to make use of this type of services free of charge or for less money for a considerable time.

The important thing of all this is that we choose a support that has the best tools and good professionals so that we receive quality signals, which are very useful for us to carry out all our operations with cryptocurrencies.



On the other hand, we must remember that in this financial market there are too many scams so we have to be ready to detect them. It’s important to trust only in that sources and tools that we know that they are worthy of our trust, because one mistake can take us to lose money.

And nobody wants that, right? There are other digital cryptocurrencies signals that can be good for us, but before taking a decision we need to follow their path online, look for clues about their reliability and after that start to work with them.


After having analyzed exhaustively what cryptocurrency signals are and all the characteristics they present, we are clear that if we are going to dedicate ourselves to working with these digital currencies will be very necessary to get a good signal system that provides us with the necessary information to perform all the movements in the market in an appropriate way.

SIGNALS conclusions

For this, we have multiple platforms, brokers and other ways to obtain the best data and quickly and easily.

Without a doubt, obtaining useful and quality information is very advantageous for us to operate with cryptocurrencies, which is why it’s essential that we work with a system of this type as soon as possible to obtain the greatest number of benefits.