Since the first cryptocurrency was launched there are many tools available in this sector to work with these digital currencies. In this sense, we must highlight the presence of virtual wallets, since they are what allow us to store all the cryptocurrencies that we accumulate with our operations.

Although the main function of these portfolios is to store the virtual currencies, we must also say that many of them allow us to send and receive cryptocurrencies, as well as they are compatible with various exchanges so that we can carry out the corresponding exchanges.


Due to the importance of these purses, in this article we are going to talk to you in more detail about the best wallets that are currently available in the market. For this we have prepared a list with the most complete and also we will talk to you about the different types of wallets that we can find in the financial sector.

Best wallets complete list

The cryptocurrencies wallets are key pieces if we want to operate with this type of currency, since they are the elements that will allow us to store them.
Due to the popularity that these virtual currencies have acquired, at present we have a large number of wallets that offer us the best services and tools.

We can highlight many of them and review each of its characteristics to check which is the best in each case. For this reason we have prepared a list for you so you know in depth what are the best wallets that we can use today. So we can choose the one that best suits our needs and work in an appropriate and safe way with the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the market.

Best of all, the variety of wallets available in the market allows us to appreciate that everyone has something that makes them special. As time passes, new systems appear and those already known progressively improve, so its a win-win situation for all.

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myetherwallet-logo-squareMyetherwallet is a virtual portfolio that offers us very good services so that we can work with cryptocurrencies, bearing in mind that it is one of the most famous wallets in the market and that every day it has a greater number of users.

Myetherwallet is a digital portfolio that has a great experience in the market, since it was created in 2015 and since then it has been including improvements and updates to offer users a purse of the highest quality.

Cryptocurrencies: Although most wallets of this type work mainly with Bitcoin, since it is the pioneer cryptocurrency, the truth is that at this time this portfolio provides us with all kinds of tools so that we can operate with Ethereum, which as we well know it is the second most important virtual currency in this market.

Using this wallet is completely free and also allows us to store the cryptocoins outside the network, which means that we do not have to be exposed to great risks.

Compatibility: One of the biggest advantages we have if we choose this wallet as our trusted wallet is that it is compatible with other well-known systems in the market, such as Jaxx Wallet, Ledger Nano S, Geth, Trezor or MetaMask, among others.

This wallet only allows us the storage option, although we have to say that if we want to carry out an exchange, Myetherwallet makes it very easy for us because it works with the best exchanges that exist, highlighting the ShapeShift, Bittrex or Kraken platform. Similarly, the system recommends that if we want to acquire cryptocurrencies, the best we can do is use Coinbase.

Security: Therefore, we can say that Myetherwallet is a great wallet to carry out our operations, taking into account also that it offers us excellent security measures and that it provides a simple and very intuitive platform.

Registration: We can not forget to comment that to make use of all the services that this wallet offers us, the only thing that we will have to do is register in the support page, although it is a very simple process to carry out.



electrumElectrum is a portfolio that has been in operation for a long time, since it was one of the first that was created as a result of Bitcoin being launched and also has a portfolio widely used by users and which is listed as one of the most complete in the market

It was founded in 2011 by a German mathematical scientist named Thomas Voegtlin.

Electrum is one of the few virtual wallets that is installed in the desktop of our PC, something that will be very beneficial to us, since we can store our funds in cold, which means that we will not have to expose ourselves at great risks.

Cryptocurrencies: Although the main cryptocurrency with which Electrum works is Bitcoin, we must remember that this wallet allows us to carry out operations with other digital currencies, being one of the most popular Ethereum.

Compatibility: It is compatible with the main operating systems that exist, such as Windows, Mac or Linux. In addition, it has the advantage of having other well-known portfolios integrated, among others, we can highlight the presence of Trezor, KeepKey or Ledger Nano S.

Due to all the improvements and updates that it has included over the years, in 2016 Electrum added among its services an application for mobile devices available for Android, although the team of experts is already working on offering another app that is compatible with the iOS Apple system.

Security: We must also emphasize that this wallet uses a system known as BIP32, which offers us the possibility of creating a large number of addresses of several portfolios, from the use of a seed. Also, we must take into account the security measures provided, since for each transaction you have to create a new code.

In case you did not know, when we talk about seed we are referring to a random succession of words, in particular they are about 12 or 13, which we must keep safe since it will be a kind of personal key so we can work with this coin wallet.

Registration; Among other things that we can highlight in this wallet, we have to say that the registration process is quite simple and its software is very easy to use, in addition to quickly downloading it from the support website itself.

Electrum is one of the wallets that offers lower commissions and rates.

Bitcoin Core


Bitcoin-CoreWe continue commenting on good wallets to work with cryptocurrencies and now it is the turn of Bitcoin Core. Without a doubt, it is one of the best wallets that we can find in the market today, since it is the one that Bitcoin presents us with since it was created based on this digital currency.

In order to get hold of this portfolio, we will go directly to the official Bitcoin website and from there we will have the opportunity to open this wallet. As is logical, all the tools and services that it offers are related to the pioneer cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies: Keep in mind that this wallet, as happens with Bitcoin, is based on the blockchain system. For this reason it is a very safe wallet and with which we will not have to expose to risk. In addition to being able to store our cryptocurrencies, we must also say that this wallet allows us to send and receive Bitcoins, so it is a very complete portfolio, due to all the options we have available in it.

Compatibility: To be able to work with Bitcoin Core, it is important that our PC fulfills a series of specs, in this matter it must have installed a specific operating system, which can be Mac, OS X, Linux or Windows (7, 8x or 10). Also the minimum space that our hard drive must have is 145GB, as well as the minimum download capacity per day will be 500MB.

On the other hand, the daily upload speed has to be 5GB and have a RAM of at least 1GB. The great peculiarity of Bitcoin Core is that it offers us an exclusive software from which the entire network of Bitcoins. In addition, it allows us to carry out our cold storage, to avoid exposing ourselves to great risks.

Security: But if there is something that we should highlight about this purse it has a high level of privacy and security and allows us to include additional security measures. Among other things we should mention that Bitcoin Core is compatible with the TOR system, which means that all transactions carried out through this support are completely anonymous.



coinomiIn fourth place we find Coinomi, a wallet that offers excellent financial services. One of the biggest advantages that we have if we work with this portfolio is that we will have the possibility of carrying out our operations with a great variety of cryptocurrencies.
Coinomi is a wallet that was created in 2014 and is one of the few wallets we know that has a central office located in London.

Cryptocurrencies: As it could not be otherwise, the main tools provided by this portfolio are focused on Bitcoin, but we can work with other digital currencies such as Ethereum, Dash or Namecoin.

Also, it should be noted that Coinomi works with cryptocurrencies that are beginning to break into the market, some of the best known are Tumbucks, Blackcoins, Cannacoins or Smileycoin.

Compatibility. To work with this support we can easily do so by going to the Google Play Store and there we will find a completely free and fast download application.

The main function of this wallet is to allow us to store cryptocurrencies, but if we want to acquire digital currencies, it is fully compatible with the exchange Coinbase, one of the best in the market, with which we can make exchanges with US dollars.

It is a very effective portfolio for mobile devices and one of its advantages is that we do not have to download the entire blockchain system to work with it.

Security: In addition, it should also be noted that Coinomi has very good security measures, among other things because it works with the BIP44 protocol, which ensures the accessibility of users who are registered in the system.

Registration: Although this wallet is headquartered in London, the truth is that it offers coverage in a large number of countries, for this reason, it provides a multilingual support very simple to use, with which we can carry out all kinds of operations.

Finally, we also have to say that Coinomi is a wallet that is associated with the ShapeShift platform, which is why operating through this system is very easy and fast.



ExodusAnother wallet that seems very complete and that would be good to work with is Exodus. It is a fantastic and good quality cryptocurrency wallet, in fact, it is one of the most used by users today.

Exodus is a wallet that has a lot of experience in the market since its foundation in 2015, it has dedicated itself to offering customers the best services to work with cryptocurrencies. The idea of creating a portfolio of these characteristics was from JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli, its founders.

Cryptocurrencies: Exodus is what is called a cryptocurrency wallet for all coins, since it allows us to work with a large number of cryptocurrencies.

Actually, most of the tools that offers are based on Bitcoin, which is the digital currency par excellence, although we also have the opportunity to trade with other virtual currencies as well known as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash or Dogecoin.

It should be noted that this wallet is compatible with the ShapeShift platform, which has been integrated. For this reason it is very easy to operate through this support and also, very quickly and easily.

Compatibility: One of the great features of this wallet is that it has a code that is 100% open and also offers multiple tools that are very useful to carry out our operations. We refer for example to a large number of graphics in real time or the technical support that is available 24 hours a day.

Keep in mind that Exodus is a desktop wallet, so it allows us to carry out a cold storage and we must also say that it offers a multilingual support, since it has coverage in a large number of countries.

Security: Among other things that we can highlight in this portfolio, without a doubt one of the best is that it has very complete security measures.

In fact, if we want to work with this wallet we will have to create different passwords to carry out the operations and also it must be said that it works with the system of 12 random words, so it will be very complicated for other users that are not authorized introducing in the system and in our account.

Exodus presents very low commissions, in comparison with the rates that we have found in other similar supports.



myceliumWe are nearing the end of our list and it is time for us to talk about MyCelium. It is one of the oldest wallets that exists today, since this project was forged at the same time that Bitcoin was launched. Specifically, from the year 2009 is when this wallet begins to work.

Undoubtedly, one of the best within our cryptocurrency wallets list.

Cryptocurrencies: It should be noted that this support works exclusively with Bitcoins, among other things, because it is part of the Megion Research & Development Gmbh, which are products that are within the market of this famous cryptocurrency.

In any case, although we are going to work with Bitcoins through this wallet, we have to say that the tools that it offers also allow us to be able to carry out transactions with fiduciary currencies, so we are going to have multiple options available.

MyCelium is a wallet that has a great speed and efficiency and best of all is that it offers us the possibility of cold storage, so we will have our funds insured without having to expose ourselves to great risks. Also, we have to say that MyCelium is one of those portfolios that allows us to send and receive cryptocurrencies, hence we say that it is a fairly complete wallet.

Compatibility: Another aspect to which we must refer in relation to this portfolio is that it is compatible with most exchanges that are available in the market, for this reason it will be very easy to carry out the exchanges we need.

In addition, due to the great experience it has in the market, it currently has a large number of partners, such as Cashile, Ledger Wallet, Trezor, bitWAGE or gatecoin.

For that matter, if we are looking for a suitable wallet to carry out our operations with Bitcoins, MyCelium is one of the best that is available to us today.

Security: Finally, we must mention that MyCelium presents excellent security measures, in fact, it is one of the safest wallets on the market.

In addition to the personal password that each user has to elaborate, it also works with the system of 12 random words and is capable of creating backup copies by itself. We must also emphasize that this support does not register any IP address within your system, so it respects the privacy of users.



bitpay-logoThe last wallet that we are going to check in our article is Bitpay. It is another wallet that has been operating in the market for a longer time, since it was created in 2011.

Currently, its executive director is Stephen Pair and the president of the entity Tony Gallippi. Bitpay is another of the few wallets that has a physical headquarters, this time in Atlanta, Georgia.

Its growth has been very remarkable in recent years, taking into account that this portfolio can be used in a large number of countries and also has a staff of more than 80 experts. Also, it must be said that this support is capable of supporting daily transactions of approximately one million dollars.

The main function of this wallet is to allow users to save the cryptocurrencies that accumulate, taking into account that this storage can be cold, so we will be exposed to fewer risks.

Compatibility: In addition to this great advantage, it is important that we know that Bitpay is compatible with other media and offers us the possibility of integrating other applications in the wallet, among other things, because it has a very complete programming language, as is the case with Ruby, PHP or Node.js, as well as the Rest protocol.

Security:  It is a wallet that can be easily used on the desktop of our PC and also offers good security measures. Among other things, we must highlight the 9-digit personal password or the 12-word random system to which we have already referred in other purses.

Although at first sight, it may seem like a normal wallet, the truth is that Bitpay has a great particularity and is that through this support we will not only be able to create individual portfolios, like those we already know, we also have the opportunity to get hold of others known as multifirma.

That is allowing us to share the wallet with other users, provided that everyone knows the corresponding keys to access the wallet in question

But we must also say that Bitpay allows us to send and receive Bitcoins and that the commissions we must pay to carry out this type of operations are very low, not reaching the majority at 1%.

Type of wallets available:

Now that we know the best wallets that exist, it’s time to know the types that exist and we are going to explain three cryptocurrency wallets: desktop wallets, online wallets and also hardware wallets


You are going to discover which one of these three suits you in your daily life and we guarantee you that at the end of this post you will have the best information possible to work with wallets that will allow you win confidence on the cryptocurrency market.

Online wallets

online-walletsAs the name suggests, they are digital wallets with which we can work directly from the network, they are always connected to the Internet. Although they are quite used wallets since we have all the tools at hand in the same website, it must be said that they are the portfolios that pose the greatest risks since they can be easily hacked.

The private keys that the system offers us are stored directly in the network, therefore we will not have control over them, only those codes that we elaborate ourselves in relation to our username and the password of the account that we have opened.

Although they are portfolios that can be easily hacked, it must be borne in mind that they present a much faster execution in operations and usually provide multiple tools. In this case, from the most popular online purses we can name Xapo or Coinbase.

Desktop wallets

desktop-walletsAnother type of wallets that we find in the market are the cryptocurrency desktop o app wallets. In order to work with them we need to download the application and install it on our PC or mobile phone. In this case, these portfolios are less likely to be stolen or hacked, since for this, cybercriminals have to enter an external device to the network, which is not so easy.

Undoubtedly, desktop wallets are the most used by users, although it is always much more advisable to use them if we are going to work with large quantities in the medium and long term, as they are not very good if you want to operate in the short term.

There are many desk wallets today, although one of the most complete is Electrum and without a doubt its a good recommendation if we are thinking on use desktop wallets.

Hardware wallets

hardware-walletAt last, the third type of wallets that we can find in the market are hardware wallets. It is a digital portfolio that is disconnected from the Internet, with which the storage will always be carried out in external devices, something that is quite advantageous because there are very few risks.

The private keys that the system provides us are also stored outside the network and therefore, it is very difficult to be hacked.

By creating the private keys externally, the system is also capable of making its own backup copies and is also very easy to use because we can connect our wallet to the computer, easily and quickly through a cable USB among the many hardware wallets that we have available today of the most used are KeepKey or Trezor.

To masterice this its important to try some of this wallets and check what characteristics provide each one of them. But remember that the risk can be high if we are not careful enough.