To be able to work with cryptocurrencies, we are going to need a series of specific tools if we want to operate in an appropriate way. Among the many that we have available in the market, one of the fundamental elements is the wallet, since they are the ones that allow us to store our cryptocurrencies.

In this matter, if we want a suitable wallet, one of the best we can choose is Xapo, since it offers us very complete and quality services, so that we can carry out our movements in the best possible way.


Taking into account the importance of wallets to work with cryptocurrencies, it is essential that we know all the features that Xapo presents, as well as the services it provides us to store our digital currency, for this reason, we invite you to read this analysis and know perfectly, all the advantages that we have if we choose Xapo as our trusted wallet.

What is Xapo?

If we are determined to use Xapo to carry out our operations, the first thing we have to do is put ourselves in a position to know what exactly this wallet is. In this case, we must say that Xapo is one of the best Bitcoin portfolios that we can find in the sector, since it has a great experience, because it was launched a few years ago.


Undoubtedly, Xapo is one of the wallets that supports a greater number of Bitcoin transactions around the world and that is why it has multiple investors such as Benchmark Capital, Greylock Partners or Ribbit Capital, among others.

Who has it founded?

All those who are part of Xapo are experts in the sector who have been offering this type of financial services for more than 20 years, for this reason, since 2013, Xapo has become a reference purse worldwide, due to the characteristics that already presents all the services it offers.

Its founders were Wences Casares and Federico Murrone, also financial specialists. In addition, we have to say that Xapo is headquartered in Hong Kong, but also has a physical office in Palo Alto, California. For all these reasons, Xapo is currently a leading wallet in the world.

How does Xapo work?

Although it is important that we know all this information, what really interests us is to know how this purse works. In this sense, we have to say that Xapo is not just any wallet, since it not only offers us the possibility of storing the cryptocurrencies, it also allows us to perform other types of operations.

Likewise, buying digital currency or even to administer Bitcoins, without a doubt, it is a quite complete purse if we are determined to work with these cryptocurrencies.

People trust Xapo

xapo-trustXapo has achieved great popularity among users, because it makes it very easy for us to work with, since it works in a very simple way and in just a few simple steps, we can make use of all the tools and services it provides us.

The first thing we have to do if we want to work with Xapo, is to register in the support, a very simple process that we will tell you in more detail in another section that we have designed for it.

Once we have completed the registration, we will enter the wallet and the main panel, we have several sections enabled, each of them will allow us to perform one type of operation or another and also consult the information we need to carry out these movements.

First, we will comment on the My address tab, where we can obtain the address of our wallet, as well as, this is where we must include the address of the destination wallet, in case we want to make a transfer.

It is the tab from where we will receive or send Bitcoins, and we must be clear that the address will always be personal and exclusive, so we will see a long code, composed of a combination of numbers and letters.

On the other hand, if we want to transfer a certain amount of cryptocurrencies, in this case Bitcoin, then we will have to go to the button that transfers, since this is where we will be able to carry out this operation and with just one click, we will do it easily.

Similarly, in this wallet we have found another tab in which we can read the word send, as the name suggests, will be the section that allows us to send Bitcoins to other accounts, always being clear that we must enter the corresponding address so that the operation is valid. In addition, we must also add the amount of cryptocurrencies with which we want to work.

Another button that we have found in Xapo is the one that puts Bitcoin, and precisely here will be where we have the opportunity to acquire all the cryptocurrencies we need. In this case, the purchase can be carried out through two main routes, or using our usual credit card or if we prefer, we can do it by means of a bank transfer.

Finally, a last tab we want to refer to is the one that asks for a card. We say this because the wallet has a debit card of its own that we can easily acquire from the web portal and with which we will have the possibility of carrying out all the operations that allow us to make the wallet.

Is Xapo a safe wallet?

Taking into account the facilities that Xapo offers us and the simple operation that it has, another of the important aspects that we should comment on Xapo wallet is the security measures that it presents to us so that we can carry out our operations in a calm way and counting on the best guarantees.

In this matter, we have to say that Xapo is considered one of the safest wallets in the world, which is why more and more users are using it to store their cryptocurrencies or make other movements with Bitcoins.


Multifirm technology: how could it be otherwise, the security of Xapo is excellent and one of the first things we want to emphasize in this regard, is that it uses multifirm technology. This technology has become very popular in recent times, since it is a totally innovative system, which guarantees that all transactions carried out through this wallet will be totally secure.

It is a technology that records all the movements that are made in Xapo, but blocks its validation, until the corresponding signatures have been entered into the system. These signatures are the identity of the user and the footprint left by the operation. With this, if this operation does not coincide with the assigned signatures, it will immediately be deleted and can not be carried out.

Safe Storage: On the other hand, it is said that Xapo is a very safe wallet because it allows us to store our cryptocurrencies cold. What we mean by this is that, all the digital currencies that we accumulate, we can keep them safely outside the network of the system, which will be much more difficult to access our funds’ users who are not authorized, since that many more security filters should pass.

Cold storage is a service that is increasingly including more supports of this type, since this way, they offer greater guarantees to users and also prevent us from being exposed to the great risks that we find, almost daily, on the Internet.

In relation to this storage, we can not forget to mention that Xapo has a global network for this, which gives the system greater security so that we can carry out our operations in the best possible way.

Satellite network: It should also be noted that Xapo is the only wallet in the world that has a satellite network, which aims to monitor and validate all movements that are made through this system and at the time it detects any operation suspicious, informs immediately what happened to prevent frauds occur within this Bitcoin wallet.

High-Security System: The wallet also has a strict access control for users. For us to understand it better, Xapo has facilities that are called high security, a kind of vaults where all movements are recorded that are carried out in this system.

But in addition, it also adds another more comprehensive protection system, which is considered one of the most robust in the world. We say this, because this system has been programmed to be proof of theft and, to this day, there has not yet been anyone who has been able to circumvent it.

Taking into account all the security measures that we have just commented on Xapo, we have no doubt that it is a perfect support to carry out our operations with the best guarantees.

However, we will not have the opportunity to work with Xapo without first having registered in the support, since it is an essential step that we must take to make use of its services and tools. For this reason, in the next section, we tell you, in great detail, what we should do to make use of this wallet as soon as possible.

How to register in Xapo?

As it happens with any support of these characteristics, even with other portals or financial brokers, if we want to make use of all the tools that Xapo provides us, first we must register in the system. In this case, we have to say that the process of registering this purse is quite simple and it makes it very easy for us to work with it quickly.


In order to make this registration:

The first step: we must take will be to go to Xapo’s main portal, since there, we have a section where we can easily carry out this process. Once we enter, it will be necessary to give to the tab that it puts create an account.

The second step: we will have to introduce a series of data: an email address, a password and a pin. Both the password and the pin must be personal and non-transferable and it is recommended that they are made from the combination of uppercase letters with lowercase letters, numbers and other typographical elements.

The third step: At this point, we will have to validate our account, the truth is that this step takes little time to complete and we will send a message to the email address we have provided.

We also have to say that Xapo works with the double authentication system, so it will do the same but sending a message to our mobile phone.

The fourth step: If everything is correct, the last step we must take to complete this registration is to send a copy of our ID or another official document that proves our identity.

Once we have successfully completed all these steps, we will have our registration completed and we will be able to use the wallet and all the tools it provides us, in order to operate with Bitcoins.

After having made our registration, it is time to start using Xapo wallet, taking into account that we have different services to perform all the operations that we need.

Support 24/7

24-7-supportIn this case, first we will talk about Xapo itself, since it is the virtual portfolio that we have available in this system and to which we will have quick access after completing the registration.

In this support we will have the opportunity to store a large number of Bitcoins and the best thing of all is that the services that it provides us, are always available. That is, we can use them 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

To finish this section, we want to tell you that when we finish the registration, Xapo not only offers us the possibility of starting to operate directly through your system, we also have a demo account available, where we will have the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with this wallet, without having to risk our real funds.

If we are interested in acquiring this Demo, the only thing that we will have to do is complete the corresponding registration and elaborate a suitable password.

Xapo Commissions

Whenever we are going to choose a support to perform our operations with cryptocurrencies, in addition to informing us of the characteristics that it presents and all the services it offers, it is very important that we know what are the commissions that we are going to have to pay for performing all those operations.


In this case, we have to say that Xapo is not exactly a purse that has too high commissions, however, depending on the movement we are going to carry out, so we will have to pay a quantity and another, and it will also influence the number of cryptocurrencies with which we work.

Transaction Commission


No-comission: The largest commissions in Xapo we find if the operation we are going to perform is to receive a specific amount of Bitcoins. In this matter, if the amount we are going to obtain in our wallet exceeds 0.00040095 Bitcoins, then we will not have to pay any commission, since the system determines that it is an adequate amount for us to carry out this operation for free.

Low-comission: If on the other hand, the amount that we will receive in our Xapo wallet is within 0.0002673 Bitcoins and 0.00040095, in this case we will have to pay an additional commission, which instead of being a percentage, is of an added amount of Bitcoins, this being 0.0002673 cryptocurrencies of this type.

High-commission: Finally, in the case that this amount of Bitcoins that will reach our virtual portfolio does not exceed the figure of 0.0002673 Bitcoins, the commission will be much higher, although the additional final percentage will depend on the total amount we have received.

On this occasion, the system performs a quick calculation, to determine what is the added cost we have to face to validate the corresponding operation.

Payment Commissions

payment-commissionAlthough these are usually the usual commissions to which we have to expose Xapo users, we must also say that depending on the payment method we have chosen to perform our operations, we will have to pay a commission amount or another.

The truth is that in Xapo we have several payment methods available, each one with its advantages or disadvantages, but the system allows us to make the last choice.

Credit Card Commission (same currency): we have to tell you that another of the additional charges we have to face in Xapo is if we acquire the debit card of the system itself. In this case, whenever we go to operate with it, we will have to pay 20 dollars more.

Credit Card Commission (different currency): On the other hand, in the case that we want to buy foreign currency to perform our operations with Bitcoins, the additional percentage that is stipulated is 3%.

Extract Money Commission

extract-money-commissionIf we want to extract coins from our card, depending on the currency we work with, we will have to pay one amount or another.

Extract Money(same currency): if we extract money in the same currency that we have stipulated in our wallet with our Xapo card, the commission it will be: in the case of dollars, the additional figure is 2.50, while the euros will be 2.25 and the pounds sterling 1.75.

Extract Money (different currency): If on the contrary, we are going to proceed to extract other coins without the Xapo card, then these amounts are somewhat higher. The euros amount to 2.75, the sterling pounds to 2.25 and finally the dollars to 3.50.

Despite having several types of commissions, we have to re-emphasize the idea that Xapo is not a wallet that has additional fees that are too high, so, compared to other similar supports, it is quite affordable to make operations through this system.

Having said all this and knowing the commissions we can face, in the last section of our article we are going to comment on the payment methods that we have available in this support and to which we referred earlier to talk about the corresponding commissions.

Payment methods in Xapo

If we want to carry out our operations with Xapo in an appropriate way, it is essential that we know all the payment methods that we have available in the support, since without these channels, we will not be able to validate some movements.


First of all, we want you to know that Xapo is one of the wallets that has a greater number of payment methods, once again this wallet makes it very easy for us, because we will have the opportunity to choose between several ways to pay the amount that corresponds.

We must say that we have traditional methods, but Xapo also offers us other more innovative, but equally useful and simple. Let’s see what they are.

Credit Card: the payments with the credit cards are very habitual in supports of this type, since it is a fast and simple form to realize a payment without problems. In this case, we have to say that Xapo offers us the possibility of carrying out our payments through the VISA and also, we can also use this method in the ATMs that work with this card model.

Also, we can not forget to say that Xapo has its own debit card, which allows us to make all the payments we need and normally, the commissions we have to pay are much less.

Bank transfers: as with cards, bank transfers are another method widely used by users to carry out the payments they need. Xapo also offers us the possibility of paying the amounts that we need through a transfer, but we must bear in mind that this is usually the method that presents a higher commission, although as always, everything will depend on the bank with the that we work

Online programs: the third method that we usually find in most media of this type is that of online payment programs. More and more users are opting for this route, since it is much faster and safer and also, we just have to face commissions.

As it could not be otherwise, Xapo also has it available, although in this case it does not offer us a wide range of possibilities, since the wallet only works with the Neteller program, although it must be said that it is one of the most complete From the market.

Local payment: one of the new ways of Xapo, is that it allows us to make our payments using the currency of our locality. With which, directly from the support, we can acquire Bitcoins using local currencies. In particular, this wallet works with three mainly, euros, dollars and sterling.

Bank deposit: Finally, the bank deposit is the fifth payment method that Xapo offers us. It is the least used method, since we have to provide a lot of documentation and it is usually slower, but it never hurts to know that it also exists if we need to make our payment through this channel at any time.

Before using it, it is important that we inform ourselves if there is any kind of commission involved, since it is something that can happen depending on the bank we use for it.


Taking into account all that we have just seen about Xapo, there is no doubt that it is one of the best wallets that we can choose if we are determined to work with Bitcoins. This wallet offers us all kinds of services and adequate tools, so that we can operate in the best possible way and also, we have good security measures and all the guarantees for our operations to be a success.

xapo conclusions

It is a very complete purse, which also works with fiduciary coins and allows us to make several movements, not only the main storage, but also, we have the opportunity to manage Bitcoins, buy them or sell them. It is an ideal wallet for us.